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Are you struggling to find the man of your dreams for getting relationship and love you deserve?

Then you need to know these 7 signs that every GODLY CHRISTIAN MAN looks for in a woman!

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Apply these signs into your life like 1000+ other christian women


So you don't have to approach him... but he will come craving for you!

Here's a fraction of what you'll get inside :- 

✅ Do you think dressing more sexy will catch every man’s attention? WRONG! There’s something which is more appealing to them.

✅ The biggest factor that every man feels is most important for having a long term relationship.


✅ What every man finds most attractive in a women…(it’s not your looks)

✅ How every man decides if you are truly good or not.

✅ Do you know men can even judge you by looking at your friend circle?

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Who am I?

Hi, I’m Vernel Samuel,


Author, Relationship coach & Social media influencer (80K followers on Tik Tok & 45K Followers on Instagram).


As your relationship coach, I am here to help you attract the man of your dreams into your life as quickly as possible.


With me by your side… Be ready to find a godly christian man who is perfectly aligned with you in terms of beliefs, thoughts and values.

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