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Four Questions To Ask Yourself During A Pandemic

I know. I know. You're tired of being in the house, staring at a camera, not hanging out with your friends and family whenever you want to or eating out at your favorite restaurant. The feelings are mutual. The world is on lockdown with no certainty of when practicing social distancing will be over. I'm in the intimacy business as a pastor meaning that I have to connect with people in an up close and personal way. So not being able to hug, embrace or minister to a person is relatively hard for me. This crisis has crippled the American economy. But it also has been doing something else. The planet has been getting healthier. In parts of the world, they are seeing the color of the water changing to a more natural color, the skyline is clearing up as air pollution lessens. There is a reset happening in nature. It proves that things can change very quickly in our world if we all work together.

But how have you been processing this moment? Crisis may be stressful but that is if you only see it as such. There's no such thing as a crisis in the Kingdom, only an opportunity. A problem is never the problem. What you are believing about a problem can be a bigger problem than the problem itself.

Here are 4 questions to ask yourself during crisis:

1.) Am I partnering with hope or giving into fear during this crisis?

2.) What am I learning about myself during this crisis?

3.) What new skills am I going to learn during this crisis?

4.) What character trait is God developing in me during this crisis?

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